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B2B Companies Gain Wisdom and Results Partnering with Marketing Agencies


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It’s been three years since the pandemic broke out. You get cocky and think we’re back to normal. Then, a new challenge presents itself to shake your ego to its core. Inflation hits. We’re forced to cut costs and streamline operations.

Now as we move further into 2023, we’re surrounded with articles about AI (many likely written by AI) and the need for efficiency and “working smarter, not harder” is everywhere.

Investing in your business is still critical, but needs to be more strategic.

Gone are the days of cheap capital. Burning cash throwing spaghetti at the wall is no longer the option it once was for investment rich B2B companies.

This is a big reason why more B2Bs are opting for full-service marketing agencies over hiring in-house teams. They can gain access to millions of dollars in data, wisdom, and the marketing expertise of an entire team for less than an in-house team or even just one full-time CMO.

B2B companies seek strategies to target and convert potential clients. Partnering with a marketing agency is getting a peek behind the curtain because after all, agency work by nature is B2B. Companies can get insider information without having to go to jail for it.

The benefits of hiring a marketing agency are as vast as the streaming service options available today.

Save time and money

Any time spent on marketing is time taken away from growing your business and nurturing relationships with clients and prospects. Leave your focus where it belongs and let experts tackle other important initiatives.

In working with a full-service digital marketing agency rather than funding an entire in-house team, you’ll save on overhead costs.

Aside from the warm bodies in chairs, marketing tools are expensive. Agencies can easily justify the cost since they spread the cost across multiple clients.

Plus, with agencies that have diverse experience leading campaigns for many clients, learning new winning strategies and optimizing campaigns is much faster.

And that brings us to our next point.

Faster pipeline and revenue

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 13th annual B2B Content Marketing report and insights for 2023, 46% of the study’s respondents said one group (or a staggering one person) is responsible for handling all types of content in their organization.

Meaning that one person is expected to wear the crown when it comes to advertising, thought leadership, brochures, SEO content and more.

The thing about crowns is that they may be shiny and pretty, but they’re also extremely heavy.

When partnering with an agency, you’ll have access to an entire team of B2B marketing experts. A team of strategists, copywriters, social media gurus, designers, data nerds and more.

You can experiment with marketing trends under the guidance of people who understand all the nuances of the game, have learned from countless mistakes and keep up with a rapidly changing digital advertising environment.

Fail but improve fast

Using the aforementioned pricey marketing tools, the marketing agency can give you in-depth information on how your campaigns are driving pipeline and revenue. They’ll even give you top-of-funnel analytics to help articulate leading indicators of future pipeline, such as social media engagement—whether the right personas are liking and commenting on ads—and direct traffic.

Are enough people learning about your brand, Googling it and visiting the site to learn even more?

All this data will empower you to confidently make decisions ahead of time to capitalize on success or pivot when messaging isn’t resonating as well as expected and help you examine your objectives and if you’re meeting your targets.

Plus, you’ll have the data and particulars you need to report back to investors and board members.

Effective marketing strategies for B2B companies

B2B companies see strong returns from their marketing campaigns when they implement a strong demand generation strategy. By educating the market at scale, demand generation creates brand awareness and authority and cements trust that ultimately drives more sales-ready inbound inquiries through the website.

As part of demand gen, thoughtful content builds trust and paves the way for important conversations about customer pain points and the solutions your business can offer.

Well-known B2B marketing brand HubSpot has seen great success in their quality, high-volume content marketing approach that helped them have a particularly successful 2016, growing their revenue 49% from $181.9M to $271M in just one year.

Don’t brush over the word “quality” and jump straight to “high-volume.”

Spamming the Internet with lackluster content won’t move the needle. Focus on engaging content that speaks to customer needs and teaches them something. HubSpot also excels at diversifying their approach, with a blog, various social media channels, articles, videos, email marketing and so on.

Method Q devises and executes powerful demand generation campaigns, including content marketing, to help B2B companies see new growth. Reach out for a free consultation.

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